ugh archer in space


just one step closer to a star trek/archer crossover

can the enterprise please show up so jim can be like we appreciate you guys coming up here but we have this under control now, and archer’s like WHAT? WHO’S THIS GUY?

JIM: captain james t. kirk, u.s.s. enterprise.
ARCHER: sterling archer, isis. this is my partner, lana kane, do you - nice gun, did it come inside your box of tampons?
JIM: like i said, we’ve got this under control.
LANA: captain, it’s not that we don’t -
ARCHER: look at that grip, is that a joke?
LANA: commander drake, he’s -
ARCHER: is it a glue gun, did martha stewart design that?
LANA: archer.
ARCHER: arts and crafts, make your own lace curtains, i mean -
LANA: archer!
ARCHER: what, lana, GOD, i’m right here, you don’t have to yell. does this place have a bar? anyone? you, with the flask, and the… curiously erotic eyebrows.

dammit man i’m a doctor not a moonshine supplier

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I just love everyone in this prison so mu-uh-uch.

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